Conditions of Use


The following conditions apply to contracts, deliveries, and other services. We hereby explicitly refute any contradictory terms from our contractual partners. All supplementary agreements require our expressed written approval.

Product Line

Illustrations of products found within may involve sample illustrations and as such may deviate from the ordered/delivered products. All prices are listed in euro and include the legally stipulated VAT. Shipping and handling costs are applicable as per separate listing of payment terms and conditions. The prices listed in the most current catalogue are effectual.

Contract / Delivery

The purchase contract is effected by the receipt of the order. An order can be received orally, in writing, or through the execution of a delivery. On average, we deliver our in-stock goods to you by post within 3-5 working days. Should an article be unexpectedly unavailable, or available only with a delay, then we will provide a new delivery deadline as soon as possible; Otherwise we will indicate that no delivery is possible. We reserve the right to ship partial deliveries where this serves the interest of expedited processing.

Right of Revocation

The contract can be revoked by the customer either in writing (e.g. letter, e-mail), or, in the event that the item has been transferred before the expiry of this revocation period, by returning the item within two weeks. It is not necessary to give any reasons for this revocation. The revocation period shall begin to run after receipt of this letter, but in any event no earlier than the goods have been received by the customer (when similar goods are delivered in repeated installments the revocation period does not begin after the first installment has been delivered).

The revocation shall be addresses to:

The Sugerman Online Store
Nicholas Gräbert Unternehmensberatung
Am Neuen Garten 1A

14469 Potsdam

Consequences of revocation

In case of valid revocation, both parties have to return the received goods or payments as well as any derived benefits (f.e. interest). In the event that you are unable to return the services or products received in their entirety or at all, or where you can only return them in a deteriorated state, then you will be liable to pay compensation to us accordingly. This does not apply with respect to goods being handed over in the event that such deterioration is exclusively due to your inspecting the goods as you would have been able to do in a retail shop. If you use the item according to its determination you will not be held responsible of any replacement upon deterioration.

The consumer is obliged to make return shipment of the thing at our risk, if it can be sent by parcel. The regular costs of return shipment may be imposed by contract on the consumer if the price of the thing to be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if, where the price is higher, the consumer has at the date of the revocation not yet rendered consideration or given a part payment, unless the goods supplied do not correspond to those ordered. Elsewise the return shipment is for free. Payments have to be refunded by the customer within 30 days from dispatch of the notice of revocation. The deadline starts with your dispatch of your revocation notice or the item in question; for us it starts with our receipt of the same.


Sugerman assumes no responsibility for potential damages arising through the use of its products, particularly where used improperly. Claims for damages are excluded, except where proven that the damages were intended or were caused by gross negligence.


The guarantee period extends to 24 months from the point of delivery. Please provide an invoice with the purchase data along with any refund claims. The refunded article must be sent along with a copy of the invoice to

The Sugerman Online Store
Nicholas Gräbert Unternehmensberatung
Am Neuen Garten 1A

14469 Potsdam


The guarantee does not apply to normal wear or use. The guarantee is invalid if the customer modifies the delivered product.


Please observe the washing instructions located on the article's label. We cannot assume responsibility for improperly cleaned products.

Retention of Title

All goods shall remain the property of Sugerman until such time that all payments have been received.

Privacy Notice

The safety and privacy of personal data has a special value for The Sugerman Online Store - Relaunch Fashion BV (hereinafter Sugerman). The collection, processing and usage of personal data shall only be undertaken with the consent of the individual or due to a legal obligation. Should anonymous or pseudonymous data be needed for business purposes, then only these forms of data shall be used.

Personal data stored at Sugerman is protected by extensive technical and operational safeguards against potential unauthorised access or abuse. Our security procedures are regularly reviewed along with the latest technological developments.

Sugerman Orders and Membership

We collect; store; modify; use and transmit personal data for their own specific purposes towards the justification and settlement of the user's contract or contract relationships, including individual and personal customer advice and support, and to protect the legitimate business interests of Sugerman. When necessary, we will transmit personal data to third parties (such as delivery companies). Only information that is needed to carry out its task will be transmitted and used.

Usage of Cookies

For the reason of improving Sugerman's online service, the commonly-named system of "Cookies" are used. Cookies are text files, which are stored on a users computer when they visit a website. Cookies are used either once or over a longer period of time to use a user's recurring attitudes within the Sugerman site to their benefits in terms of personalising the Sugerman online experience and its functions and tools towards individual user's needs. The text files contain no address data (i.e. user's names and E-Mail data) or other personal information. Sugerman will not link data found in these text files with other data sources. Cookies serve to further our analysis of web-page usage and enables us to make our service more user-friendly; more effective and safer.

User Rights to Access to Personal Information

Visitors and users of Sugerman's web site can request (free of charge) access to any information held about them and its origin; any recipients of their data and the reason for the storage of such data.

Sugerman, July 2011